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Perseus & A.I. Medusa

Posted by Philip Burchill on
Perseus & A.I. Medusa

'The human spirit must prevail over technology.' - Albert Einstein

 In this image of Perseus holding up the severed head of medusa I have sought to show the connection of this ancient Greek myth in it's relevance to our time in relating to technology. By starring at Medusa one would turn one would turn into stone. In our time technology bewitches our mind in addiction to the digital screen rendering our attention into stone, static and fixed. As a result our minds become detached from our body, others and the living world. In color theory it is said ,'white reveals and black conceals. In this re-imagination, Perseus is a symbol for beauty defined as truth unmasking darkness and is an invocation for humanity to triumph over impulses of technological addiction and attain self mastery. 'Perseus and A.I. Medusa' is symbol for an ideal humanity to ascend to our rational potential and triumph over technological slavery. Here the juxtapositions of order & chaos, history & modernity, the humanities & science, the masculine & feminine, art & technology, mastery & slavery are guided by thread of Einstein's maxim, our human spirit must prevail over technology.




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