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About Us

noun  om·ne·i·ty  \ ämˈnēətē \ or “Om KNEE i tee”
the state of being all-comprehensive allness


Our 'telos' (Purpose)

In our tech-driven culture, we’re surrounded by consumer propaganda. Ubiquitous marketing tries to convince us that utility is the ultimate goal—and that it can even pass for aesthetic value. As a consequence, our deeper existential longing for meaning, beauty, transcendence, mystery, and wonder are culturally suppressed. Our innate desires are drowning in an endless overload of information, sensory stimuli, and social media. Beauty and truth, meanwhile, lie hidden in private spheres—places like churches, museums and universities—that are only visited on rare occasion, like a random inn of enlightenment we encounter amidst the barren aesthetic wasteland we exist in throughout much of our ordinary modern lives.

Omneity is about changing that.

We’re here to help you exist in that inn—that space of past and present wisdom, beauty and knowledge—year round. Omneity is pivoting the direction of fashion from shallow, recycled platitudes so often prevalent in the industry to the vast rich cultural artifacts and ideas of our civilization. We want to uncover a depth dimension and channel it through clothing—so we can help create a mindset that lets people see and realize that everything is connected to everything.

And we can live fuller, more authentic and meaningful lives as a result.

With clothing as a medium, we can engage with art, creativity, philosophical ideas and history on a daily basis. This helps us deepen our roots and facilitate finding our place in the cosmos. With our shared truth and awareness, we see ourselves as individuals who are simultaneously interconnected to the past and present.

Art, like nature, is not an instrument for our use so much as a portal: a window that opens us up to the transcendent and calls us to a higher mode of being. It’s an eternal ideal painted before us that lays out a mystical ladder we can climb by way of the senses to the spiritual.

Art can inspire and fuel action that makes a positive social impact in the areas of education, by channeling the riches of culture to the fortunate and less fortunate alike. It’s a worthy goal and one Omneity intends to achieve.

Come partner with us in the movement of art to action. Live in the beauty and awareness that we are all part of creation, and therefore part of it all. 

Our Commitment to Ethics
At Omneity, we are committed to creating products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably. To better serve our community, we actively seek manufactures in sunny Los Angeles that are WRAP-certified organizations. Learn more about WRAP here. In the event that we are unable to pursue a U.S. based manufacturer, we will only pursue manufacturers that provide fair and sustainable work standards. It is important to us that we provide products that align with our objective to leave a greater intellectual footprint than a carbon footprint.