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About Us

noun  om·ne·i·ty  \ ämˈnēətē \ or “Om KNEE i tee”
the state of being all-comprehensive allness


Our 'telos' (Purpose)

In our tech-driven culture, we’re surrounded by consumer propaganda. Ubiquitous marketing tries to convince us that utility is the ultimate goal—and that it can even pass for aesthetic value. As a consequence, our deeper existential longing for meaning, beauty, transcendence, mystery, and wonder are culturally suppressed. Our innate desires are drowning in an endless overload of information, sensory stimuli, and social media. Beauty and truth, meanwhile, lie hidden in private spheres—places like churches, museums and universities—that are only visited on rare occasion, like a random inn of enlightenment we encounter amidst the barren aesthetic wasteland we exist in throughout much of our ordinary modern lives.

Omneity is about changing that.

We’re here to help you exist in that inn—that space of past and present wisdom, beauty and knowledge—year round. Omneity is pivoting the direction of fashion from shallow, recycled platitudes so often prevalent in the industry to the vast rich cultural artifacts and ideas of our civilization. We want to uncover a depth dimension and channel it through clothing—so we can help create a mindset that lets people see and realize that everything is connected to everything.

And we can live fuller, more authentic and meaningful lives as a result.

With clothing as a medium, we can engage with art, creativity, philosophical ideas and history on a daily basis. This helps us deepen our roots and facilitate finding our place in the cosmos. With our shared truth and awareness, we see ourselves as individuals who are simultaneously interconnected to the past and present.

Art, like nature, is not an instrument for our use so much as a portal: a window that opens us up to the transcendent and calls us to a higher mode of being. It’s an eternal ideal painted before us that lays out a mystical ladder we can climb by way of the senses to the spiritual.

Art can inspire and fuel action that makes a positive social impact in the areas of education, by channeling the riches of culture to the fortunate and less fortunate alike. It’s a worthy goal and one Omneity intends to achieve.

Come partner with us in the movement of art to action. Live in the beauty and awareness that we are all part of creation, and therefore part of it all.


Our Stories

 Philip Burchill, Co-Founder & Creative Director

"Hey, everyone. My name is Philip Burchill, and I’m the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Omneity. This brand is a three-year-old passion project that, until now, existed only in my imagination. The idea to create Omneity was inspired initially by my first encounter with philosophy from a t-shirt that contained a statement from Socrates, ‘Know Thyself!’ From that moment forward, I began my journey of connecting people with wisdom, beauty, and knowledge through the ages—and of increasing awareness of the oneness we share with the universe.

Rewinding a bit . . . My formal education gave me zero exposure to philosophy, and very little to art, before university. That was where I first explored things that really interested me, like ideas surrounding beauty and spirituality. I found my focus changing from business, my declared major, to Theology and Biblical studies. Before long, I was taking missionary trips to Africa, Nepal, Hong Kong, Israel, Europe, and Mexico.

With eyes that had been opened by the world and a desire for truth, I returned to higher education, wanting to see what more I could learn from books and professors. I moved to London for several years to study theological aesthetics—philosophical notions about the idea of beauty in the Western world. As a visual thinker, my goal was to find a unique vantage point of integrating my experience studying philosophical theology and art onto fashion. I wanted to reimagine high-level and sophisticated philosophical concepts as transcendent imagery. Specifically, I wanted to repurpose everyday apparel as a way of illumination, of connecting our modern culture to the timeless truths so few people are acquainted with."



Matthew Burchill, Co-Founder and Director of Finance

"I always knew I wanted to start a company some day. My father was an entrepreneur, and as a child I remember the genuine joy he had going to work every day. It really instilled the belief that we should all pursue a career in what we love and what makes up happy. My brother, Philip, saw what I saw day in my dad's career temperament, so there was an unspoken aspiration to start to his own business too. After working for several after college, I decided it was time to fulfill my passion to start a business. 

I didn't really know what kind of company I wanted to start at first, but I knew I wanted to have a company to provide products people enjoy. The stars aligned, and my brother was also at a place in his life where he was ready to try something new. Philip was finishing his degree in London at the time, and he would tell me about all of the time he would spend in London's museums and how he had gained a newfound appreciation for art. We started to discuss the idea of sharing art on a larger platform, one that would get a lot of viewership and stand out. We began to narrowly define this endeavor through the context of social media, but then had a better idea. What if we put this on a physical platform, like clothing? This was a product people could enjoy, and it is also an apporpriate medium to share artwork with large viewership. Bingo.

We have since formulated a partnership and created Omneity. We like to think of our partership like that of Walt and Roy Disney's, two brothers with different talents coming together to form a business. Since then, we have been learning and enjoying putting in our love and care into making Omneity every day."


Our Commitment to Ethics
At Omneity, we are committed to creating products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably. To better serve our community, we actively seek manufactures in sunny Los Angeles that are WRAP-certified organizations. Learn more about WRAP here. In the event that we are unable to pursue a U.S. based manufacturer, we will only pursue manufacturers that provide fair and sustainable work standards. It is important to us that we provide products that align with our objective to leave a greater intellectual footprint than a carbon footprint.